Manual Brush

The manual toothbrush is the most important tool you can use the keep your teeth and gums healthy. Use a soft or medium brush. A hard brush could damage your gums.
There are some variations in shape and size. An “angled” handle and small head can help reach the back teeth.


The proper technique is far more important then the type of brush. You must brush for at least 2 minutes to clean ALL the surfaces of ALL the teeth. Toothpaste is useless if you don’t brush properly. A simple technique that’s easy to remember is to brush in small circular motions, brushing the teeth AND the gums. The circular motion “scoops” plaque from under the gum line and from between the teeth. “Over and back” motions can cause the gums to recede and groove the teeth, causing sensitivity, as the root surface is exposed.

Then scrub the flat tops of the back teeth to clean the deep fissures and pits.